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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

To Stave off Hunger

Well, I was holding off on a post until I had tried a bunch of flavors to review all together, but I finally caught on to the Kombucha trend. With a vengeance. It is weird and gooey and slightly champagne-y and I like it! I'm not sure I've even bothered with the "Original" flavor; I'm pretty sure I jumped right on in with the Cranberry flavor (because I am apparently constantly worried about my nethers oyyy)some time early in May and never looked back.

Every "Controls Metabolism" or "Organic and Raw" or "Probiotic" and blah blah made me feel healthier. Buuuut as we know, a lot of health (for everyone) is psychosomatic and a friend told me today that Andrew Weil (who I like!) don't don't don't believe the hype.
I'm not really in it for the hype; I actually did feel better and more energized drinking kombucha and there is no denying it made me less hungry but he brought up that it might work as an antibiotic?!? And I'm worried about bacteria. And getting sick. And weird slimy germies bugging around in my stomach that apparently never bothered me before! Health seriously needs to get their shit straight and not have competing theories every new damn day! I never drank too much of it (maybe 4 a week at most since starting) because they are expensive and what I considered "supplemental" but I guess it's good that now I have a reason to cut back and I'll save some money. (Agh now I am googling and getting out of control and getting scared so I'll stop soon)
I do like them, though, so maybe one once in a while will be alright. For the record, I've only tried the GTs brand but the flavors: Multigreens, Cranberry, Strawberry, Mango, and Gingerade, the Gingerade being my favorite. Oh well.

On an upper-side, today is National Running Day! Who knew? I only learned this morning AFTER I decided I had eaten too much last night too late to go for a run this morning. Boo and lame and I'm pathetic.
Breakfast was iced coffee, a HUGE banana, and a piece of bread with vegan butter and agave syrup. No picture, though maybe next HUGE ASS banana I'll take a shot of to show you.

Spinach, beets, cucumber, carrot, broccoli, onion with a dollop of jalapeno hummus and lemon juice. And an apple.
I felt guilty and upset and stressed when I got home and found that my cat had vomited all over my room and my roommate hadn't taken out the over-full garbage (and other things) so I went for a run around the hood. It was good, and 2.44 miles according to MapMyRun! But anyway, that, too, is a way to make me feel less hungry and now I don't even know what to do about dinner. Maybe some soup.

EDIT: Miso broth, carrot, cabbage, spinach

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  1. Really cool blog! I'm enjoying reading through the older posts, but thought I'd stop back here for a sec too say that I've been feeling so much better since I've been drinking Kombucha.


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