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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


So Umlaut 12 is OUT and I've started on 13 already. I think this next one will be pretty good because I've been working more on my own recipes - or, at least, combining and subbing things so that they aren't straight stolen. Hopefully I can come up with some other interesting material.
Yesterday I was preettttyyy damn free (aka bored) so I made seitan! I combined two different recipes, cut back or added here and there, subbed a few seasonings (I used the dried sage that's been hanging in the kitchen!) and interestingly subbed applesauce for pumpkin. Then I rolled it up into logs and baked it for about an hour. It isn't very salty but that doesn't bother me. It's pretty good, if I do say so myself, but I daresay it'll be better in recipes, so I'm glad to have it around.

Dinner was a small chopped vegetable salad - carrots, beets, and cucumber with some jalapeno hummus.

Karma-wise made me really happy today. I've had an order on a book at work for about two months, which I suppose isn't a long time but I constantly had it in the back of my mind and other people seem to get their books in magically all of the time whereas cookbooks come in rarely. Also, this was only to be published mind-April, so I couldn't even count on a used copy. The book in question is Terry Hope Romero's Viva Vegan!, and as Greg and I have been planning another dinner party with a Mexican/Latin theme, this seemed like it would be particularly helpful. Anyway, I was finally anxious enough about it that I decided that on my lunch break, I would go to CAPITALIST MASS Barnes & Noble to at least look at the book if not buy it. However, I also remembered that I had to buy cat food and decided to do that on lunch break and wait until after work to get the book. But when I came back from work, the book was waiting for me! (This is funny especially because G had plans to buy books elsewhere after work but found a stash of the ones he wanted too). Life sometimes, hey? It's beautiful.
I thought that story might be apt on this blog because it's sort of a lesson - be kind to animals, and they'll be kind to you: I held off on buying the book because I thought of my cat first and ALSO the cookbook is vegan and animal-free. Anyway, yay.

I was talking to another co-worker also and he really put me in the mood for martinis. Oh boy. But not today; I want to run tomorrow morning. Instead I'm drinking chilled white wine and enjoying a salad: Spinach, beet, cucumber, carrot, broccoli, seitan, onion, capers. It's hot. Be cool.


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