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Sunday, June 13, 2010

And Again

I've decided to do a week-long detox every month. The nature of the detox might vary, we'll see, but this month I'm doing a fairly easy raw detox. Greg and I are just coming off a work-week long no drinking thing which was also easy enough. We drank last night and I definitely drank too much and maybe it wasn't such a great idea to drink since I hadn't eaten much yesterday. But anyway, I'm allowing myself alcohol and caffeine (though both will probably taper off towards the end) but I'm striving towards an all raw-diet with one day of a liquid fast. I'm also going to drink a laxative tea one night of the week.
I feel like detoxes are really good to put food in perspective, to re-nourish the body, and to clean yourself out. Since I'm a little wary of interfering with my birth control, I'm going to be doing these detoxes the week of my period so as to not flush out the pills. I think this is also a good way to keep my eating in check during my period because otherwise hormones might make me go overboard and I'll end up feeling even worse than normal. Get it got it good.
So, yesterday started with blueberries and coffee. Haxan likes to smell things.

At work later I also had a huge apple.
For lunch, I had packed zucchini and carrot sticks in a Sweet and Sara marshmallow container, in which always cracks me up to carry healthy foods like that. Yes, I save way too many containers.

I supplemented this with the last of some tofu that I had to get out of the refrigerator at work. Not raw, oh well. I wasn't about to let it sit open in that bacteria farm over the weekend.
I also ate an Amazing Grass berry flavored raw energy bar. It was actually pretty tasty! It has dates, lots of berries, nuts, greens, and vegetables (carrots, beets).I probably didn't need to have it but so it is. That's the problem - you can still eat raw and not eat healthfully. I'm going to try to keep bars like that as treats, and not an everyday thing especially since they're sort of expensive.
That was that. Then we went drinking and blech.

I was hungry when I got up, or maybe my stomach just hurt from the hangover. Either way, on the walk home I ate another raw bar, this time a dangerously tasty Spirulina and Cashew bar from Raw Revolution. I've had this brand before, and they are really good and decadent. Fewer ingredients than the Amazing Grass bars but a little more calorie-dense.
Now I'm drinking some green tea and eating apple slices with raw almond butter.

Probably too many nuts these past two days so far.
So that's that. I may or may not drink tonight. I'm going to look through my raw cookbook for actual food to make, rather than just the usual random pieces of vegetable or fruit. I'm thinking guacamole will be nice later, or a raw soup if I get ambitious.

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