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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Raw Week Update

Hey. Raw's been good. Except for yesterday morning when I woke up hungover and ate TWO bananas, TOO much almond butter and then a bunch of figs (maybe 6?). I really like figs but you definitely only need to eat a few. I wasn't hungry at all the rest of the day, though; I actually had to force myself to eat.
That, I would say was one of the things I did wrong on the detox. At the beginning of the week, I bought way too much produce and felt like I had to use it up just so that it wouldn't go bad. I always over-buy, or over-make. I was looking at Gena's Choosing Raw website, which I really like, and it says that one of the things people do wrong when transitioning to a raw food diet is going overboard with expensive, intensive, and probably all too fattening recipes. Raw is really easy. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds: how hard can it be?
But part of the fun is also making something that you wouldn't otherwise and so I did: Raw Pad Thai. I thinned out the recipe a lot but it is zucchini and carrot "noodles" and some pea sprouts in an almond butter based sauce: almond butter, water, dates (!), lemon juice, sea salt, jalapeno, scallion..maybe some other stuff. I used The Complete Book of Raw Food by Lori Baird as a reference guide. It was really tasty but sitting around in my refrigerator, it got soggy and I had to actually make time to eat it, interspersing it with cleaner foods especially since Gena makes a good point in that raw food can be really fatty with all the nuts and oil. It is what it is.

I ate a lot of salads this week too, but I kind of always do. Even with drinking, I feel good about the week. I could have done better but I didn't stop, at least. I'm stubborn like that. Also good: I baked a bunch this week but didn't eat any of it. Greg and I made cookies last night for Father's Day on Sunday and I had made scones for a family get-together later today.
The cookies were a bit of a disaster. Ugh. But they look alright. Shockolate Ship and Cherry-Almond cookies (Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar). White Chocolate-Walnut-Coconut scones (Joy of Vegan Baking).

People ate the vegan scones but the only comments I heard on them were my cousin, "Yr scones are a hit." and my mom, "How much did you stir these? I just got a bite of salt." I gave my cousin some more copies of old Umlauts.

So, the raw rundown. I felt a lot of energy this week, and I think my appetite controlled itself. I'm almost disappointed now about the non-raw foods I have in my fridge. Coffee is good, I need to cut back on my drinking and nuts make me really gassy.
Yesterday sucked food-wise in that I realized you really do need to plan ahead if yr going out raw. I had a banana and almond butter in the morning and a glass of green juice later and then snacked on an apple in the car to my cousins'. That was it for the day, minus the three beers that made me sleepy. I expected some sort of crudites at least. Bah. Now I know.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Raw Week, day 2

The headache went away nicely. I even got a little bit of exercising in. I snacked on some grape tomatoes and a banana in between breakfast and lunch, which was this:

I always see cabbage substituted as bread in raw or gluten-free or diet recipes and have wanted to try it for a while now. I finally substituted cabbage leaves for chips in this guacabowle. Ha! Get it? Hum. Anyway, the guacamole was heartier than it would have been other wise because I was still thinking about Greg and my attempt at taco night. I made half-salsa, half-guac: 1/2 avocado (which I finally actually looked up nutritional information for...), chopped onion, chopped red pepper, chopped tomatoes, sea salt, lime juice, and some chopped jalapeno pepper. It was really good. The cabbage was a nice crunchy contrast but didn't give too much support for the dip. I ended up eating the last of it with a spoon.
I had a small nectarine about an hour afterwards.

This was a pretty late meal, around 430 or 5 or something so I almost didn't make dinner butttt THEN I DID. I made a salad around 830, which is a little later than I'd rather eat but I didn't go to bed until 12 so I guess it's fine.

Simple stuff I wanted to use up and not repeat much from lunch: Spinach, carrot, mushroom, broccoli with balsamic vinegar, nooch, and cayenne pepper. This was tasty too and I realized it's probably been a while since I had a fresh salad - sometimes I just pack them for lunch and they get all soggy during the day. The mushrooms soaked up the vinegar nicely too.
Sorry about the crappy photo, and for yet another salad pic. I held off on drinking!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

And Again

I've decided to do a week-long detox every month. The nature of the detox might vary, we'll see, but this month I'm doing a fairly easy raw detox. Greg and I are just coming off a work-week long no drinking thing which was also easy enough. We drank last night and I definitely drank too much and maybe it wasn't such a great idea to drink since I hadn't eaten much yesterday. But anyway, I'm allowing myself alcohol and caffeine (though both will probably taper off towards the end) but I'm striving towards an all raw-diet with one day of a liquid fast. I'm also going to drink a laxative tea one night of the week.
I feel like detoxes are really good to put food in perspective, to re-nourish the body, and to clean yourself out. Since I'm a little wary of interfering with my birth control, I'm going to be doing these detoxes the week of my period so as to not flush out the pills. I think this is also a good way to keep my eating in check during my period because otherwise hormones might make me go overboard and I'll end up feeling even worse than normal. Get it got it good.
So, yesterday started with blueberries and coffee. Haxan likes to smell things.

At work later I also had a huge apple.
For lunch, I had packed zucchini and carrot sticks in a Sweet and Sara marshmallow container, in which always cracks me up to carry healthy foods like that. Yes, I save way too many containers.

I supplemented this with the last of some tofu that I had to get out of the refrigerator at work. Not raw, oh well. I wasn't about to let it sit open in that bacteria farm over the weekend.
I also ate an Amazing Grass berry flavored raw energy bar. It was actually pretty tasty! It has dates, lots of berries, nuts, greens, and vegetables (carrots, beets).I probably didn't need to have it but so it is. That's the problem - you can still eat raw and not eat healthfully. I'm going to try to keep bars like that as treats, and not an everyday thing especially since they're sort of expensive.
That was that. Then we went drinking and blech.

I was hungry when I got up, or maybe my stomach just hurt from the hangover. Either way, on the walk home I ate another raw bar, this time a dangerously tasty Spirulina and Cashew bar from Raw Revolution. I've had this brand before, and they are really good and decadent. Fewer ingredients than the Amazing Grass bars but a little more calorie-dense.
Now I'm drinking some green tea and eating apple slices with raw almond butter.

Probably too many nuts these past two days so far.
So that's that. I may or may not drink tonight. I'm going to look through my raw cookbook for actual food to make, rather than just the usual random pieces of vegetable or fruit. I'm thinking guacamole will be nice later, or a raw soup if I get ambitious.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

To Stave off Hunger

Well, I was holding off on a post until I had tried a bunch of flavors to review all together, but I finally caught on to the Kombucha trend. With a vengeance. It is weird and gooey and slightly champagne-y and I like it! I'm not sure I've even bothered with the "Original" flavor; I'm pretty sure I jumped right on in with the Cranberry flavor (because I am apparently constantly worried about my nethers oyyy)some time early in May and never looked back.

Every "Controls Metabolism" or "Organic and Raw" or "Probiotic" and blah blah made me feel healthier. Buuuut as we know, a lot of health (for everyone) is psychosomatic and a friend told me today that Andrew Weil (who I like!) don't don't don't believe the hype.
I'm not really in it for the hype; I actually did feel better and more energized drinking kombucha and there is no denying it made me less hungry but he brought up that it might work as an antibiotic?!? And I'm worried about bacteria. And getting sick. And weird slimy germies bugging around in my stomach that apparently never bothered me before! Health seriously needs to get their shit straight and not have competing theories every new damn day! I never drank too much of it (maybe 4 a week at most since starting) because they are expensive and what I considered "supplemental" but I guess it's good that now I have a reason to cut back and I'll save some money. (Agh now I am googling and getting out of control and getting scared so I'll stop soon)
I do like them, though, so maybe one once in a while will be alright. For the record, I've only tried the GTs brand but the flavors: Multigreens, Cranberry, Strawberry, Mango, and Gingerade, the Gingerade being my favorite. Oh well.

On an upper-side, today is National Running Day! Who knew? I only learned this morning AFTER I decided I had eaten too much last night too late to go for a run this morning. Boo and lame and I'm pathetic.
Breakfast was iced coffee, a HUGE banana, and a piece of bread with vegan butter and agave syrup. No picture, though maybe next HUGE ASS banana I'll take a shot of to show you.

Spinach, beets, cucumber, carrot, broccoli, onion with a dollop of jalapeno hummus and lemon juice. And an apple.
I felt guilty and upset and stressed when I got home and found that my cat had vomited all over my room and my roommate hadn't taken out the over-full garbage (and other things) so I went for a run around the hood. It was good, and 2.44 miles according to MapMyRun! But anyway, that, too, is a way to make me feel less hungry and now I don't even know what to do about dinner. Maybe some soup.

EDIT: Miso broth, carrot, cabbage, spinach

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


So Umlaut 12 is OUT and I've started on 13 already. I think this next one will be pretty good because I've been working more on my own recipes - or, at least, combining and subbing things so that they aren't straight stolen. Hopefully I can come up with some other interesting material.
Yesterday I was preettttyyy damn free (aka bored) so I made seitan! I combined two different recipes, cut back or added here and there, subbed a few seasonings (I used the dried sage that's been hanging in the kitchen!) and interestingly subbed applesauce for pumpkin. Then I rolled it up into logs and baked it for about an hour. It isn't very salty but that doesn't bother me. It's pretty good, if I do say so myself, but I daresay it'll be better in recipes, so I'm glad to have it around.

Dinner was a small chopped vegetable salad - carrots, beets, and cucumber with some jalapeno hummus.

Karma-wise made me really happy today. I've had an order on a book at work for about two months, which I suppose isn't a long time but I constantly had it in the back of my mind and other people seem to get their books in magically all of the time whereas cookbooks come in rarely. Also, this was only to be published mind-April, so I couldn't even count on a used copy. The book in question is Terry Hope Romero's Viva Vegan!, and as Greg and I have been planning another dinner party with a Mexican/Latin theme, this seemed like it would be particularly helpful. Anyway, I was finally anxious enough about it that I decided that on my lunch break, I would go to CAPITALIST MASS Barnes & Noble to at least look at the book if not buy it. However, I also remembered that I had to buy cat food and decided to do that on lunch break and wait until after work to get the book. But when I came back from work, the book was waiting for me! (This is funny especially because G had plans to buy books elsewhere after work but found a stash of the ones he wanted too). Life sometimes, hey? It's beautiful.
I thought that story might be apt on this blog because it's sort of a lesson - be kind to animals, and they'll be kind to you: I held off on buying the book because I thought of my cat first and ALSO the cookbook is vegan and animal-free. Anyway, yay.

I was talking to another co-worker also and he really put me in the mood for martinis. Oh boy. But not today; I want to run tomorrow morning. Instead I'm drinking chilled white wine and enjoying a salad: Spinach, beet, cucumber, carrot, broccoli, seitan, onion, capers. It's hot. Be cool.