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Monday, May 10, 2010


Hey. I haven't been updating for a few reasons; my newest excuse is that my computer is mad old and hardly has space for photos on it for me to update with. I have been baking a lot, or had been: after all there was Earth Day to celebrate, Saturday mornings at work to tolerate, spare time to revel in, sweet teeth to placidate, etc. Here is one of the products, made for a lazy Saturday. People liked them. They are the recipe for scones from The Joy of Vegan Baking, into which I added chocolate chips, dried cherries, and blueberries.
I will get more photos up when there is more space on my computer.

I've been eating a lot; too much, really, but I went shopping today and pretty much stuck with what I needed. Trader Joe's really has a way of sucking you in, though. Splurges there were Kashi Heart to Heart, Cilantro-Jalapeno creamy hummus, and two Fiberful bars. I also got dried Mission figs, which I don't consider a splurge, really, but I do go a little overboard with dried fruit. And figs are particularlly dangerous if you eat too many of them. Ahem. Especially when they follow my lunch: salad and this tempeh "tuna-ish" salad I've made a few times. I don't buy vegan mayo and I can't find kelp flakes, both of which are in a lot of no-tuna recipes I see, so I sub in capers (both to use them up - I have NO clue why I bought them - and for a briny sea taste) and tahini (which isn't all that healthy but is ingredient-wise way more clean and simple than vegan mayo. It's also mad cheap.) I threw in celery and mustard as well. I didn't have either lemons or onion on hand, but if I had, I'd have added those too. It was good. Doesn't look like much.

Also, Burbs is coming over in a bit. We are finally going to attempt the homemade ice cream. I will take photos and he is going to make a comic about it: I am also going to pick up a new computer soon, so hopefully I'll be updating more regularly. I also edited in the photo of the cornmeal lemon poppyseed biscotti from the last post.

EDIT: Here is the strawberry ice cream we made! It least interesting to attempt. Yay science! I still have it in my freezer since I don't eat milk products so if someone wants to eat it and review it... It's there. Even Greg didn't eat much of it but STAY TUNED FOR HIS COMIQUE (french accent)

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  1. Tempeh tossed with Tahini instead of Mayo is brilliant!


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