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Friday, May 28, 2010

Farmer's Market Freshhh

My momma gave me some rhubarb the other day and I was intent upon using it, and using it properly despite my calling it "rutabaga" every time I say it. No, I did not mash it up nor roast it or whatever rutabagas are used for. I was a proper young lady (like I do) and boiled it up with some ginger chunks and strawberries that were going to go bad to make a compote.

It looks like some sort of biology slide, doesn't it? Microbes and silica or siliae or whatever the fuck.
And here is how I ate it!

This is both my breakfast and lunch for that day. Breakfast is oatmeal with the compote and black iced coffee. I must mention that rhubarb is a natural is is coffee. So this was really a breakfast of champions. In case you don't know, rhubarb is also pretty bitter, so I think I added some agave syrup on top of the oatmeal as well. I had forgotten about the ginger chunks, but they were nice.
The salad looks pretty sad, just being spinach, chickpeas, and carrot sticks but I had alfalfa sprouts and cherry tomatoes in the fridge at work, so I added those later. I hadn't thought about dressing but there was a random bottle of apple cider vinegar in the fridge too (sorry whoever's that was) and I put some black pepper on top.

Works for me.
I just baked more ginger muffins. Cool.
Cooler? I finished Umlaut # 12! I know no one reads this, but if someone from somewhere stumbles upon this and wants a copy of a food zine, git at me. I'm pretty happy with this one.

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