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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baseball backtrack

You know what, as long as the internet is letting me do this, let's backtrack to another important day of eating: Mets' Opening Day!

In the morning, I went for a walk and visited a different grocery store than I usually go to and picked up some fig preserves because my mom had been raving about it since having it when my parents visited my sister in Barcelona. I bought two jars, one for myself, and had some on bread with banana and almond butter. I felt quite Mediterranean, though perhaps wrongly. Maybe if I added coconut.

Then I roamed a little more, smelled some flowers, picked up some Polish beer (Oh, dear Ridgewood), made it home jess in time and had a salad while listening to the game. They won! (That was then, this is now - though they did win their second in a row for the first time last night)

I don't think I had these that day, but Greg brought peanuts back from Lawng Island, though I won't give LI shit if they have babies like these out there.

Thanks, G. Let's go Mets.

Just the facts

Oy, so it's been a while and I've definitely been celebrating being able to eat. To keep this post as cohesive as possible, though, and to get this up before the internet spazzes out, I'll keep it to the notables.
Greg and I are going to have another Strandzig out by May and we have a bake sale before each new issue to raise some funds. I am lame and stupid and forgot to take photos of all of the the hopefully delicious goods that were made this time around. But, included were: Pumpkin Cinn-A-Zag Bread and The Ultimate Brownies from 100 Best Vegan Baking Recipes by Kris Holechek, Chocolate Kitchen Sink Biscotti (added chocolate chips, almonds, and dried cherries) and Chocolate Crinkle Cookies from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar as well as the lemon blueberry cupcakes that I made for Scott's birthday by adapting a few recipes, but generally were vanilla cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. Phew!
You've seen the crinkle cookies before, and this was the third time I've made them, so I think I finally got it down. People really seemed to enjoy everything; I tasted the biscotti and did like it. Unfortunately, we didn't make all that much money because I think there was a smaller yield and whatever, whatever, but I'm glad people enjoyed the stuff they had.

Okay! Next up is something that Greg and I have been talking about making for a long time: vegan spinach lasagna. I just bought The Vegan Table by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau and there was a recipe for it in there, complete with a photo and we were inspired. Um, vegan ricotta is really easy. We didn't add the melty kind of cheese in-between layers or anything but we both agreed that the final product was totally successful. The ricotta was basically tofu, basil, lemon juice, spinach, and salt. We also added mushrooms to the layers. I don't eat much pasta, but this was definitely good. He went home with some and I'm even proud enough of it that I'm bringing some to my parents today.

Yes? It's not a great photo, but I was a little tipsy and awkward taking a photo in front of other people (another person). You get the idea. It's lasagne.
I'm definitely on a baking kick; I'm cooling some more biscotti as we speak: Cornmeal-Poppy seed this time. I'll edit with a picture later if I can.

Edited to add: (hehe, I wrote "ass" at first)

That's all for now, but hopefully: homemade ice cream soon! (Not vegan).

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Bah! Easter was okay. Lemon water, then green tea, an organic pink apple, and later some dried apricots. I didn’t really ease back into chewable foods but it didn’t seem to do any wrong. I can’t wait for coffee, but I’m sort of surprised how quickly the caffeine withdrawal headaches went away and considering that coffee isn’t great for you maybe I should just give it up now. Mm...nah. Maybe that’s why I was so tired all the time, not due to a lack of food.

Lookit my pudgy little apple hand!

I went to my parents with quinoa tabouli, the poppyseed cake from Sweet and Natural Desserts (there were tahini and tofu both in the batter!), and makings for salad: baby spinach, red pepper, broccoli, and carrots.
I tried the quinoa (my first time making it and only second time eating it!) but didn’t eat much of it – I was afraid of the oil. Mostly I had salad. They also had roasted lamb and roasted potatoes on the barbeque. I love the taste of roasted potatoes but I think those days are going to have to be over, so I didn’t eat one. I also picked at a piece of the poppyseed cake, which they picked over but seemed to enjoy well enough. I liked it. It wasn’t very sweet and I definitely got a piece of sea salt. Maybe I shouldn’t bake with it since it’s so coarse. I thought it would, ah, melt. Is that dumb? Yes and what is also dumb is how I deleted all the photos of the iced poppyseed cake. It looked pretty, even after my dad stopped the car short and the cake went flying onto the floor (covered).

Most of the food got left with them; I hope they eat it. Stuff seems to sit around at their house for quite some time. I did take some pieces of cake away to share with Greg and Andy, who I went to hang out with after the folks’.
Andrew and I drank some beers and talked for a while. I had also had about three small glasses of wine at my parents’ so I guess I was pretty drunk when I got home. Oy, here we go: So I made pasta, which I put on a bed of the last of the spinach and a chopped up tomato. I topped it with a little Earth Balance and nutritional yeast (and some pepper and capers I think). Not so bad, but it was pretty late and I’d rather not eat so late but THEN I also ate a shit ton more dried apricots while watching the last of Shadows and Fog (which, while being okay, has taken me 3 nights to finish).
My question is: How bad is it to overeat food if it’s relatively healthy food?
So that sucks. Good riddance, detox. Good night, all.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Week Detox, days 5 and 6

So that all brings us up to date.
Both Friday and today, Saturday, I had to prepare Master Cleanse concentrate (2 TBs lemon juice, 2 TBs maple syrup with the cayenne to be added later to each serving) because I was going to be at work and obviously would not be able to be slicing lemons in the breakroom. This method is used only if necessary and isn’t optimal for the cleanse. Another problem I sort of had with the drink was due to laziness on my part: I didn’t buy purified water but assumed the water in the cooler in the breakroom was. Who knows. Here she be: This makes about 3 servings (my breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

Friday began with a cup of laxative tea, oy, as prescribed. Let’s just say it made for an awkward time at work. I was actually supposed to drink a cup Thursday night as well but didn’t. I had 4 cups of the Master Cleanse lemonade Friday and actually felt like I was flying pretty high but that could have been the beautiful weather, the beautiful boy, or lightheadedness in general. I must say, I never really did get hungry or miss food or feel like cheating.
That night I had another cup of laxative tea before bed.
Saturday was a little tougher. Another day started with laxative tea, though I was thinking of not since I was up at 5:30 in the morning to go to the bathroom. I was tired all day and my stomach was cramping but I never really did get hungry. It sure is bizarre to poop when you haven't eaten anything solid for about 52 hours. Makes you think, eh?
I guess I'm proud of myself for having done what I set out to but I'm not sure what I gained from it. I almost wanted to just eat when I got home today but that was because I was upset and if I have learned anything, I generally feel better mentally and physically in denying myself things than indulging.
Anyway, I made poppy (not poopy) seed cake for Easter tomorrow and in the process used up the last of the maple syrup (I actually needed to substitute some agave syrup - Lord knows how this will turn out) so I can't have anymore Cleanse lemonade, although I am kind of hungry now probably due in part to the smell of the cake. I need Greg here to lick the bowl to tell me if the batter will be okay. Oy!

So, yeah, I made it and as I said I feel pretty ambivalent about it all. I feel as though I should go longer so that the halfassedness is sort of countered, but if I haven't been doing it whole-heartedly this far, why push a fake cleanse? I mean, I had made my own guidelines and went above and beyond those. I'm also a little confused as to what to do about eating tomorrow. I've made the cake and I'm going to make some quinoa for my parents but I feel like going headfirst right back into solid food will both make me sick and cancel out all the positive things the cleanse has done.
For sure I won't eat until after church, but then what? Green tea? An apple? A softer fruit, perhaps? I guess we'll see what happens. Happy Easter.

Easter Week Detox, days 1-4

Well, hey. How do YOU feel?
Today was the last day of the detox, and I’ve got some mixed feelings about it, mostly because I’m still in a schizoid sort of limbo, having reached my personal goal but cutting it short in another way.
The daily fasts themselves were sort of half-assed in that I didn’t really prepare as well as I could have. I’ll give you a breakdown (thankfully not the stressed-out, crying, fainting kind):

Monday and Tuesday: Raw Food: This was easy and tasty. I think I eat raw a lot of the time anyway so it was no big change except that I tried to eat less. Also, when I eat raw I eat the vegetables just as they are without a raw recipe. The tabbouleh (I still can’t figure out how I want to spell it apparently) was pretty good. The marinade made a lot more than I needed or wanted and the lemon overpowered any other flavoring and the serving size itself was pretty huge. Raw diets really don’t hold back it seems in making up for otherwise missing calories (I guess? But nuts and avocados and oils are calorie-rich anyway). The tabbouleh really could have been three servings. Also, broccoli makes your farts stink. Tuesday included an organic Pink Crisp apple and basically the same salad as Monday.

Wednesday: One raw meal, liquids the rest of the day: This was really easy too.
Breakfast was also a fairly normal one for me: raw overnight oats, although soaked in water rather than in soymilk like I usually do, with a whole banana and handful of raw walnuts. I ate as late as possible so it would hold me, hug me, and squeeze me all day. Oh I also made a Trader Joe’s green powder drink with half apple juice-half water for some extra vitamins. I’m still on the fence about this product but it is much tastier with some juice.

For lunch, I really stepped out of the comfort zone and went to Liquiteria, a juicing place near work, and got one of their “All Greens” juice, consisting of kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, celery, and cucumber. It took me a while to drink and it really filled me up. I wonder how much of each they used. They also don’t list nutrition info but whatevs.
Dinner was a cup of miso soup, which I actually didn’t need but it was on the menu plan so I had it and it was fine. This was made from pure miso paste, not a powder like I usually buy. Also: Beware! A lot of miso soup is not vegan or vegetarian. It often contains bonito, which is dried fish.
Then I went to see Greg’s Marsh Hens at a bar and drank a tonic. No gin! It was still quite refreshing and only two bucks.

Thursday: Liquid fast.
Breakfast was green tea which I didn’t realize has caffeine in it – oops – and more TJ’s green powder drink with half apple juice-half water. This held me until about 1:30, when I bought a Mighty Mango Naked Juice and had maybe 3 or 4 sips. I feel sort of dumb about this purchase because it was added money (not eating is expensive – I’ll give you a grocery run down in a different post) and because it wasn’t fresh juice. But it was tasty. I was feeling kind of tired and hoped the sugar would pep me up.
Lunch was Liquiteria again for a really delicious fresh squeezed “Mixed Veggie” juice: carrot, beet, celery, cucumber, and red cabbage. This was large and filling and bloodily dangerous looking. Really energizing.
For dinner, I had planned more miso soup but Greg came over and we made cookies instead for him to bring for Easter. No, I didn’t eat any. I had some more green tea.
I will leave you with the tempting and detox-inedible Chocolaty Crinkle Cookies from the glorious Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar. Maybe G will tell us if his family liked them; we might have overcooked them.