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Monday, February 22, 2010

Gross eries

Today's salad was weird but pretty good. A mix of mellow, sweet, and...tangy?

Spinach, zucchini, carrot shreds topped with a dollop of pumpkin! (found it in large cans for cheap!), balsamic vinegar, wheat germ (weird) and black pepper.

Next time I'd like to do a variation with apple chunks, walnuts, and nooch. Maybe some raisins. Sort of a Waldorf?
Went to Trader Joe's and spent a lot but didn't get too much. I bought capers on a whim. There is a lemon-caper pasta recipe I want to try, even though I don't really eat pasta. Sent Greg home with pasta and homemade marinara sauce from our drunk endeavors last night. It was good.
Also bought and ground some "Fair Trade Organic French Roast" coffee from them, it's alright. Kind of tastes like cigarettes.
Other notables: Very Green Powder, which I am interested in/excited for: I want to start drinking more green shit, although it doesn't even seem to add much in the way of nutrition.
Light Coconut Milk for another recipe I want to try in the same cookbook (which, by the way, is Alicia Simpson's Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food): a spicy pumpkin soup (seeing as how I loaded up on pumpkin now)
Whole Roasted Piquillo Peppers. They are okay. They taste like the roasted peppers I made before. I expected these to be spicier, but whatever. Maybe I'll throw them in some hummus because I had them on a sandwich earlier (Rye Pumpernickel bread also from TJ) and the whole thing just sort of fell apart.

Did not buy nuts, nor Luna bars or anything too regrettable - except some Ginger candy. Oops.
Now my only problem is lunch tomorrow, only because all my tupperware is currently on lend...
But I am excited for breakfast tomorrow and I'm thinking of baking some carrot-raisin muffins. Yay?

Oh yah PS the new Umlaut is aut and I'm working on #11.