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Friday, September 18, 2009

Sweets for My Sweet

Uh, umm, uuhhmmmm

Oatmeal-Raisin CLIF bar
Coffee with soy milk
salted peanuts
.78 lb ($7.57) from the Whole Foods bar, including: rainbow chard salad (hard to get on fork), baked sweet potato (cold and dry), snap peas (meh), grilled vegetables (too oily), and two Shanghai dumplings (good but I didn't need to).
Nature's Valley granola bar
twizzlers, ugh
two more of Rich's cookies
coffee with chocolate soy milk!

So, I should really find a good salad bar. I go to WF when I really want some nice crunchy fresh salad and then realize they don't actually have that kind of shit; they have wheatberries and overpriced vegetables. I should also stop spending money in the vending machine. Raw raw rawr.

Greg and I are gonna throw a dinner party and it'll be classy and shit. Chef Don type shit. Ugh.

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