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Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh, you mean me?

Terrible drunk the other day but let's not talk about that. Or the people who worked at Perelandra. Or how famous it is for rich yuppie mini adults. Being me. OR how drunk I MIGHT be right now.

church coffee awkward but great, Greg, you're nice (no soy)
yellow peach lemmee call it a nectarine
more coffee with soy
went shopping for real, knew it would be a problem (I did), held off on the worst but:
3 spoonfuls of chunky PB and 2 of raspberry jam
Actual dinner: soup (NE Chowder), salad (Lettuce, celery, onion, carrot, mushroom, nooch, balsamic vinegar, black pepper), slice of Rye bread
Dessert: Fuji apple, pear not ripe but still great
Blueberry Crisp CLIF wish I hadn't but not the worst.

That's a lot, right? It is. I'm pretty drunk right now and I want more food and I can't promise I'll get more cause it's early but I might be okay so far? Help me Lord something, I'm glad Andy came over, surely you remember him he did Blow and I knew it and didn't hate him even though that's why he didn't want my soup (Jerk.)

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