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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Eating for Eyeball Health

Tuesday: Always time to turn over a new leaf. No alcohol still.

Breakfast: Kashi Island Vanilla with soy milk and black coffee
Snack: Nectarine
Lunch: Baby carrots and a Naked juice Green Machine
Dinner: a really good salad: lettuce, avocado, tomato, carrot, cucumber and onion with balsamic vinegar, nutritional yeast, salt and pepper
Snack: a few more baby carrots and a banana
To work: Coffee with soy milk and sugar
Oh, and gum throughout. I should stop that.
Biggest accomplishment? Going to the bodega for a banana and NOT getting a CLIF bar. The not getting beer really isn't that hard when I know someone's on the other side too. I even finished the food zine for my sister. It kind of sucks but it's informative, which I guess is all she really wanted.

Not bad? The weather is getting cooler and I sort of want to work out but I'm still kind of afraid of (for) my eye. And yes I was conscious of both the iron and Vitamin A content in my meals yesterday, for eyesight's sake and for blood health. Blech.

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