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Monday, January 9, 2017

Lo Que Comia (What I Ate)

Hola mis amigos. I'm trying to teach myself Spanish because I feel like an IDIOT living in New York, or even this country, and not being able to speak Spanish. It's slow going and I'm probably going to annoyingly practice on you guys... haha. I'm at the food portion of vocabulary, so.

Actually, this is fitting. my friend Andy got back from a month in Mexico and brought back with him some tortillas and mole from an indigenous market so he made dinner! The cheese is Daiya. The rest of it is just mole sauce and avocado plus onions. Queso, mole, aguacate, y cebolla.

 Next morning still going strong with aguacate on a bagel (rosquilla!) with black salt and cayenne. Plus cafe.

lunch (almuerzo) ensalada: rice + chickpea, roasted beets, acorn squash, raw kale, tahini dressing. (arroz y garbanzo, remolacha, la calabaza, y col rizado.)

 For new years, I bought soba noodles, as the length is supposed to be good luck. It was a pretty quiet night - Jarrod and I stayed in and drank seltzer and watched the OA (!!!!) but I'm glad for it. Anyway this noodle bowl is soba noodles, los hongos (mushrooms), kale, and miso broth.

I dared to drink on the wild side - a slightly higher alcohol content kombucha and my beautiful gato negro.

 Another noodle bowl: soba, tofu, carrot (las zanahorias), broccoli, los hongos, and a spicy Korean sauce.

Noodles again, apparently. Spinach (espinaca), soba, lentils (lenteja), remolacha y coliflor with a tahini sauce, parsley, and cracked black pepper.
There were a few lunches this week with roasted sweet potatoes, beets, lentils, and raw collards, but I guess I didn't photograph a damn one.
Desayuno this morning: oats (avena) with tahini, raisins, and banana. Cafe on the side.
That's all for now. maybe something interesting will happen food-wise this week. I hope you feel like you learned something in this post,and it wasn't just annoying, haha! I may keep my lessons from now on off the blog but this was fun, thank you for humoring me. Also. Feel free to point out how wrong I am with my vocabulary!!!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Ringing Out the Year

A few Christmas leftover pics... well, rather. pics leftover from Christmas. Ha. I didn't actually take any leftovers.

 I can show this pic without ruining the surprise... got Erica dinosaur shaped pasta for Christmas.

                                                 minor disaster while making the chard tarts

We did a Secret Santa at work and I really lucked out - I got an art chart poster and a gift card to Juice Generation. I also got the gift on a day I had run out of prepped lunches and couldn't decide what to eat. This "Blue magik" drink (Thai Holy Basil, pineapple juice, coconut water, and spirulina) and pad thai were perfect. The pad thai was made with brown rice noodles, shaved green papaya, pomelo, hearts of palm, cabbage, carrots, green mango, tofu, and peauts with a spicy peanut dressing.
        In all the madness I finished a new Umlaut to give as gifts. Here is Haxan noshing on one.

a quick snack in lieu of a lunch one day when I guess I'd just had enough breakfast. Good in a pinch, mostly tastes like smoke flavor.

                             a better lunch: tempeh, roast kabocha squash, spinach, sriracha

post-Christmas lunch: cooked tofu, spinach and brussels sprouts, with chickpeas and wild rice, roasted acorn squash, and avocado on the side.

and combined leftovers for lunch yet another day: chickpeas and rice, roast kabocha, tofu, spinach, Brussels, avocado.
Not bad. Not bad at all. What are all yrses plans for New Year?

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas 2016

Christmas first! Lest we forget!
The day started with Jarrod and I gorging before the gorging: cinnamon rolls (vegan, from a can, not homemade)

            tofu scramble with spinach and mushrooms, and Field Roast breakfast sausages.

I brought vegan cheese to Thanksgiving and that went over well, so I did that again. Different brand:

I made fennel-chard tarts for Thanksgiving 6 years ago and seemed to remember that going over well, so I did that again too.

                                                              appetizer table spread

                                                                     the dinner table

my one and only plate: not much to look at but everything was so good (and all vegan, except fish, which I didn't eat, obviously). Rice with mushrooms and leeks, braised bok choy, stuffed pumpkin, and a chickpea cutlet (made by moi) (Isa's double recipe from her new Superfun Times Holiday Cookbook) on top.

                               my brother in his tiny little santa hat, haha, plus some of the table

all vegan dessert tray! mochi, marzipan, and raw cocoa-orange date balls (made by moi) (since I didn't trust my oven) That recipe was good old Colleen Patrick-Goudreau's from Vegan Table.

Fruit salad on the side AND my friend Erica also came and made vegan B&W cookies!! Isa representing hard this year. They came out delicious and beautiful. And it was so nice to have her there
A few of us took a walk through the nearby park after dinner and everything was all really pleasant. Not too much food, no getting wasted, no fights, and really good people.

To close, here is my oldest friend, Esther (Santa) and myself saying Merry Christmas from 1995.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Winter Whateverland

Hi, hi, quickly - hope you all are well and gearing up for a nice holiday! I'm sliiiiiightly behind schedule, and so - into it:

half-homemade. Bought one of those macro vegetarian boxes of hunan dumplings and split it into 2 servings, adding my own sauteed kale + mushrooms. You cannot live on hunan dumplings alone!

Loitering like a bad kid outside the grocery store....laughing at the rainbow wall of oversized goods.

                                                       Jarrod's seasonal seltzer selection.
It was my birthday recently so Jarrod and I went back to Modern Love. You only live once.

                                                            Apple cider kombucha

Surf & Turf - a new addition since last time: grilled seitan over braised greens, seared radishes, glam chowder, and popcorn cauliflower

                 Mac n' Shews: vegan mac, sauteed kale, buffalo cauliflower, crusted tofu

On the less fancy side of things: morning oats with cacao nibs, dried cranberries, peanut butter, cinnamon, and almond milk. Snow outside the window.

                                                                          the nabe

                                                                             the city

Usually I just make Bustelo coffee but this spiced Wintry Blend from TJ caught my eye the other day. It's subtle! I like it.

                                                   Jarrod's more of a Dunkie's guy himself

             back-up caffeine and decaffeinated hot drinks for the winter.... it's a little out of control

                one more oatmeal bowl: oats, pb, cinnamon, raisins, maple syrup, almond milk
I wonder who'll get sick of the oatmeal first - me eating it, or you guys having to see it over & over. Okay, Merry Christmas AND Happy Hannukah! Stay safe. See you soon.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Basics and Treats

Haven't been to a yoga class in a while and it's starting to bother me. I injured my ankle, so I'm practicing at home for now to test the waters.The one problem with that....

                                                                 Well, at least it's cute.

Still going seltzer strong.

I liked this cran-raspberry one better than the passionfruit one. Night snack here with popcorn with salt, nooch, and garlic powder.

With Christmas coming up and trying to save money, I was pretty proud that everyday for the last two weeks I've brought my own lunch. Lots of repeats of this - raw collards, chickpeas, carrots, tomato, bell pepper. I've also stayed out of Whole Foods for the most part with all of its fun unnecessaries.

also a deliberate job of sticking with making my own oatmeal for breakfast...every day....This at least you can change around the additions and toppings. This one was oats, pumpkin, chia seeds, almonds, and banana.

                                                                 a tasty unnecessary

also tasty, slightly more necessary.... but just barely. my tea cabinet is a little out of control these days. But I bought some tea & cookies for a Secret Santa at work and got caught up in the tea aisle.

This was a treat. It actually wasn't even coffee! I probably wrote that to make myself feel better. This is a soy chai latte that I did NOT need but oh well.
met Jarrod to copy some zines for a zine fest we did last Sunday and afterwards we stopped for some cheap Indian platters on 3rd ave.

                 mines, though he ate all my rice because why eat rice when you can have bread

a Lisa Hanawalt print that I bought my aunt for Christmas. Lisa Hanawalt draw Bojack Horseman, which I don't actually watch, and draws comics (many having to do with food) that I really enjoy. Her last book was Hot Dog Taste Test and it was hilarious! I wish my zines could be that funny.

Another homemade lunch on repeat: raw kale, chickpeas, avocado, roasted kabocha squash.
That's all for now. I'll try to get one more post in before Christmas. Happy Holidays guys.