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Monday, August 18, 2014

A Couple from Actual Cookbooks!!

Remember when I used to cook out of cookbooks??? It's okay if you don't - it's been a while. I recently bought Gena Hamshaw's Choosing Raw cookbook and am sosooooo excited to use it! Her recipes are actually some of the few that I do make off of her website. And the cookbook itself is beautiful. I'll probably do a longer review later, since there are so many recipes I want to make from the book but for now let's have it suffice: this cookbook is awesome. However, I felt guilty buying a new cookbook since I STILL hadn't made a thing from the one I bought before that - Terry Hope Romero's Salad Samurai, especially since I was so stoked for that one as well. Something about the multi-recipe recipes had me hold off. But today that was remedied. I've been kind of depressed this last week for both personal reasons and the mess(es) in the news (Raechel has some links on her site if you feel like reading more about Ferguson.) Sometimes a regimen helps me get out of a funk and feel like more of a normal person. Following directions, marking things off a list, it helps me focus and feel accomplished when finished.
So anyway, first step to making food was buying groceries:

                                     beets, avocado, red plums, zucchini, ginger, bananas

Dill, cucumber, limes, scallions, tofu, rice vinegar, molasses, tahini, coconut water, and blackberry jam
Some ingredients are for a second Salad Samurai salad to be made soon, but others went into this lovely Polish Summer Soba Salad.

This also was multi-step (cooking the beans, roasting the beets, making a dressing, cooking the soba) but it came together fairly quickly. Basically this tasted like a pickled salad on top of nutty noodles. Or, like, borscht salad. The beans made it extra-filling. Very good.

Here's a second photo with roasted walnuts on top. A nice touch. That's maybe why I'm feeling so crazy about the multiple steps - I know that Terry knows what she's doing and a seeming garnish, or weird ingredient, might make or break the meal! The recipe for this one looks like it's online here if you are interested.
I also prepped a breakfast for tomorrow from Gena's book.

This is mocha maca chia pudding. I intended it for breakfast today but it didn't set up quickly enough, so it's chilling for tomorrow. It calls for espresso powder, which I don't have, so I subbed 1/4 cup of coffee for that and added it to 3/4 cup of almond milk (the recipe calls for 1 c.) I tasted a little, and can't wait to eat it tomorrow.
The Choosing Raw cookbook looks really simple to use, with not too many ingredients, so it's a good contrast and complement to Salad Samurai. Think of what the two of them can do together!
I also appreciate that with both cookbooks the serving size is rather small - for only one or two meals. It's nice to have leftovers sometimes but sometimes I prefer variety. (Not to mention salads only keep so long.)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Green Juices and Salads - but wait! There's more!

All good ways to start the day:

                                                         Wu coffee with almond milk

       Post-breakfast cuz I'm so post-mo. Everything bagel with Earth Balance remnants.

Trains stalled on the way to work this morning so I took a different route, which walked me past Lifethyme. New Kit's Organic flavor! It has rosemary extract in it! Plus this refreshing Zukay Kvass

Yea, I drank fermented cabbage juice for breakfast. I was a little thrown off by the stevia in the ingredients but it really was only noticeable in how it pulled everything together. I'd definitely buy this again.
Was doing pretty well with making my own lunch salads for a while:

          Romaine, tomatoes, mushrooms, blueberries, sunflower seeds, lemon juice, s+p

                 Romaine, spinach, bell pepper, carrot, temphe, mushroom, lemon juice, s+p
Then life got busy and I went to Paradis for lunches:

                           Kale, three-grain salad, lentils, green beans, sundried tomatoes.

                             kale, Israeli couscous, artichokes, and marinated mushrooms.

                                                    G gave me a farmer's market peach

        We split a VanLeeuwen cone. Pistachio on top, mint chocolate chip on the bottom.

 Late afternoon pick-me-up by means of Daily Greens. The pear and watercress sold it for me.

Met a friend (ex-coworker) at Lincoln Center for a movie. She now works at MoMA, so she got us in for free! Sweet deal. We saw The Dog, a documentary about the man who was the inspiration for Dog Day Afternoon. I'm not really a big fan of too many movies, but I love Dog Day Afternoon and The Dog was fun but kinda sad. What an character that guy was, what a life he had.

It's been a crazy week and I'm exhausted but there's still one more day til my weekend. Just wanna lie on the roof and watch the sky.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Well, I'm glad I posted the MooShoes pop-up event first because I'm not sure the food in this post makes up for missing a week. Oh well. It is what it is. How the last week has been:

I was kinda busy and I didn't really have time to prep or cook much, or really buy groceries even, but I wanted to get my greens in. So, Liquiteria All Greens juice. There is a new Liquiteria location just a block away from work, so it's easy to stop in on my break.

I had a bad headache for two days straight. Sometimes I get those in the week before my period, so I upped my iron with a spoonful of molasses.

A friend lives near Bagelsmith so I couldn't pass up being close by. I got a pumpernickel with plain tofu cc (so predictable, so boring) and took it home to eat with proper coffee.

Really loving the RawFit smoothies and it's great how long it keeps me full since I've been running around. This has spinach, protein powder, one and a half frozen bananas, matcha powder, almond milk and lemon juice.

Two bagels in a week might be overload but G has convinced me that carb-loading is ok when you've been biking so much. Toasted Everything bagel with TJ vegan cc and tomatoes. I did put cc (and tomatoes) on the other half, don't worry.

                                              more "proper coffee" in my feminist mug.

                           Carrot, tomato, tempeh, and hummus in a Romaine lettuce leaf

    Slightly soggy roasted caulflower and chickpeas with an olive-tomato salata from Paradis.

                            Eaten behind some large bushes on Mercer St, haha. City wildlife!
I biked to meet my mom on her lunch break yesterday. She ate yogurt, I chugged water. There is a Trader Joe's nearby and I stopped in after for a couple things (just a couple! The thing about biking there means I can only buy necessities, or only whatever will fit in my backpack.) (Also! Abby, I looked for the kimchi and they didn't have it!)

Got these crunchy pea snacks! They're so good! I've seen (and tasted) the name brand, Snapea Crisps, and they are only slightly more expensive. But beware! There is a delicious sounding Cracked Black Pepper flavor that they make that has milk products in them.

Also picked up some organic bell peppers and a Kalamata Olive hummus. So that was a good lunch snack, along with the crisps.
I guess that's all. Here is Haxan working on her tan:

Finally, a favor to ask of all NYC readers (or people in the know): can you recommend a tasty vegan/vegetarian caterer or baker? Or a restaurant that takes catering orders? Reasonably priced, does not need to be too fancy. I thank you in advance!

Monday, August 11, 2014

A Pleasant Pop-Up

Hiiiieeee long time, no see, kinda, whatever.
Yesterday was nice and busy. Greg and I met in Brooklyn to BIKE to the Vegan Pop Up, this time at MooShoes (usually it's at Pine Box, and usually on a Saturday when I WORK.) I think this was my first time actually biking into the city!

We got there around 12:45 - earlyish for a Sunday but G bee-lined it for the donuts (after his coffee.) Cake Thieves hooked it up.

They were also selling Mac n' Cheeze (Daiya based) that looked pretty good to me, if slightly too carby (no vegetables,) but, I mean, doughnuts.

From the top going clockwise: Black Forest doughnut, Elderberry-Orange, Peanut Butter Cup, Pecan Praline, S'mores, Fig-Hazelnut.

G got the Elderberry-Orange doughnut. These are fried, not cakey like Dunwell's. He says it was the best doughnut he'd ever had.


                                                        Victorious over the Doughnut.

I wasn't really planning on buying a doughnut but when in Rome, I guess. As the Cake Thieves sign says, "Love Fades, Doughnuts are Forever," so G and I split this one to insure true love forever. This is the Black Forest flavor with cherry jam on top. I plan on doing some recon soon to see if I really like Dunwell's better.
G and I also bought some goodies from Barbara at GonePie:

The table, from which she kindly and sagely removed the pie server, which would reflect too much in the photo. Brownies, Salted PB cups, Tahini cookies, pecan pie, cookie sandwiches, and jam thumbprints were all on sale.

                   We got the two newest: The Blondie, and a Salted Peanut Fudge Brownie.
Other stuff for sale:
Sweet Maresa macarons! These are the ones they served at Terry's Salad Samurai book release party. Unfortunately, I only had limited $$.

               These fancy chocolates looked really pretty but totally would have melted in my bag.
We left for a while to bike around some more, going over the FDR along the waterfront. It was a really nice day for it:

And...then we returned. Had to get a Yea Dawg:

Despite G ruining the dawg with ketchup (I foolishly told him to put whatever he wanted on it), we split this one. Lots of kraut and pickley toppings, no pineapple.
Then we biked home and I drank a lot of water. The end, for the purposes of this blog.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Products and Meals

                                        Black eyed peas, tomatoes, collards, sriracha

Bearitos Veggie Puffs: new favorite snack. Cheaper than Earth Balance Puffs, with real vegetables:

Raw, vegan kimchi:
          Here, on a salad of romaine lettuce, avocado, tempeh, and tomatoes. Refreshing.

Spinach smoothie with RawFit protein powder, banana (not frozen), ice cubes and....maybe nothing else?

Farmer's market carrot-raisin cookie and iced coffee for breakfast:

This was a different day (i.e. I don't drink more than one coffee drink in a day.) Rawpothecary Moka Chia. It was on sale, thank goodness. Pretty tasty though kinda gritty. Best super cold.

Spinach and tomato salad with the last of the black eyed peas. After learning that you don't need to soak them, they may be a new favorite.

And, finally, not food-related: I got a new bike! My last one was stolen a couple months ago and I've felt kinda lazy since then. (Walking just isn't the same!) I didn't even use it all that much since it was sorta heavy and shaky so I'm really stoked to have a good, new one to zip around the neighborhood.

Hope you guys are well. Talk to you soon.