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Monday, September 15, 2014

Vegan MoFo 2014, Day 11: Family as Friends

Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here! My brother got into town on Friday night and my mom gathered some other family members together on Sunday since we're all together so rarely. Aunts, uncles, second cousins, and third cousins ate:

                                     carrots (with guac to dip), green beans, potato chips

                                                    Grilled squash, flax tortilla chips

Not vegan!!! but so pretty I couldn't not take a photo. This is a traditional Galician empanada that my sister and Miguel made. You cook red bell peppers and onions in oil with paprika as part of the filling and the oil is used in the dough as well, which makes it orange tinted.

                    Bean salad with corn, tomatoes, onion, lime juice, and chipotle powder.

                                                               La tabla with bread

                                                     my first plate with Galician wine

     second plate with a ratatouille my aunt made. Guess I didn't get a separate shot of that dish.
The centerpiece brought from a Galician ceramics factory:

 In the background my brother is talking about his drone work in some mines in CA. Here is a tiny drone he brought to show us:

 And its controller. Not depicted, the massive external hard drive he brings around. WILL DATA.

                              Also a fossil from the Boron mine. Buncha smarties in the family.
 I had to sneak away and get a few cat shots, because what's a trip home without a black cat?

                                                      Seneca curled into a sleepy ball.

                                                       I wrangled Cicero at the table.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Vegan MoFo 2014, Day 10: SOLO

No friend dining tonight, though I'm about to head out to a see a friend's band play in a few.
Got to work early enough this morning to stop at the farmer's market first. Picked up some produce:

                                 Glaringly white eggplant, a single tomato, and a zucchini
I also bought a carrot-oatmeal cookie to have for breakfast with my coffee:

Lunch was tomato juice, crackers, and cashew cheese, which you've already seen. Also an apple later in the day.
Dinner was half the eggplant sauteed in coconut and sesame oil, garlic, ginger, and red pepper flakes, carrots and broccoli over rice. Soy sauce and rice vinegar to cook in.

The gorgeous dining companion. Yes I take my shoes off immediately upon arriving home, wherever I am. Haha.

Dining solo is also cool cuz it gives you time to catch up on yr reading. Currently:

This is the first Flannery O'Connor I've read and I'm enjoying it. Anyone else like her? Or reading anything good otherwise?
The beer cap was not very vegan though.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Vegan MoFo 2014, Day 9: Park Picnic

I took Thursday off to eat bonbons in bed and catch up on soaps. Later in the day I met up with my friend Alicia in Union Square Park for a late lunch once she got off work.
I feel like SOME of you doubt that I actually have friends and am not just eating all this food alone, so here is Alicia:

She is texting me to see where I am, oblivious to the fact I am totally creepin behind her. Nota Bene: maybe don't creep up behind people who work in a coffee shop and are therefore totally wired when you tap them on the shoulder.
We found a spot in the grass and emptied out the goods.

We are badass punksss so we snuck beers out of gigantic bags that hopefully made it look more like we were hyperventilating into paper bags rather than drinking our anxiety away.

 I brought crackers and Treeline nut cheese (herb-garlic flavor,) taking a cue from J. Legume.

   It was good stuff. Soft and tangy. Alicia didn't try any, as she is suspicious of vegan cheese.

                                             Alicia also brought watermelon and mango

                                                           There were carrots as well.
Then a Hare Krishna came up and offered us a book and talked to us about vegetarianism and punk and philosophy and reincarnation and eternity and I spilled my beer and then the Hare Krishna left and Alicia and I talked about relationships and depression and abortion and Halloween and why she eats meat and all these things can happen when you hang out with a friend and eat vegan food yay wow.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Vegan MoFo 2014, Day 8: CitiField

Wednesday night, I saw my sister for the first time in two years! My friend Scott and I had made plans to catch one last baseball game for the season and my sister, who is visiting from Spain with her boyfriend, Miguel, came too. She wanted to show him the Fall Classic, I guess.
See, classic:

                                           Plaid, baseball, and apples. It's that time again!!

                       (As an aside, this is the colorful state the farmer's market is in these days)
Nice night for a game:

CitiField is incidentally voted #4 on PETA's list of most-vegetarian friendly ballparks. San Francisco Giants have #1. Our seats were way, way up (as you can see) so there weren't too many food options, but I did grab a veggie dog to nosh with my apple and expensive as hell beer.

I inexplicably put pickles on the dog. Not relish. Don't ask why. But it was pleasant enough. It's cool to have the full baseball experience, even as a vegan. Didn't have any peanuts or Cracker Jacks, though.
Good game, the Mets won 2-0 against the Colarado Rockies. My sis and Miguel went home, and Scott and I grabbed a couple more beers on the way back (Not $11!!!) and thus we ease into Autumn.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Vegan MoFo 2014, Day 7: Little Skips

This being the day after way too much day drinking with friends, I only started being able to keep food down around 3 but there was nothing in the house, and the sunlight was too much to go outside. So I ate a couple small things -

This spinach, protein powder, banana, orange, ginger and lemon juice smoothie for instance, and finally met up with Greg later in the day for real food.
We biked to Little Skips in Bushwick.

Greg and I both got the Vegan BLT:

Which was very good. Fair amount of greens, not tasteless tomatoes, good tempeh bacon, and a lime-cilantro aioli, which I would have left off if I'd paid attention, but wasn't too thickly slathered on, so that was ok.
G also got a Mister Sister chocolate chip cookie (purportedly) with 4 chips in it.

He kindly let me have a couple bites. It was ok.
Little Skips: Vegan friendly! Hangover friendly! Food Friend friendly!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Vegan MoFo 2014, Day 6: Can You Smell What the Wak is Cooking??

Just kidding, Wak didn't cook anything but we did eat some delicious food anyway.
On Sunday, my friend Joe (of Wakalicious fame - I won't link to it in case there's a bunch of meat on the blog again) came into the city from Long Island to haaaaang. Our friend Cyrus came out too and it was a reggelah reunion (we all used to work together)!
Cyrus and I got some drinks at Shade Bar in the West Village while we waited for Joe.

Then we went around the corner to Meskerem for Ethiopian food, which Cyrus (and maybe Joe too?) had never eaten before.

                                                     Downstairs on MacDougal St.
Joe and Cyrus both got wine and sambosa appetizers. I didn't get a photo of those... just drank my water.

This was my plate - collards, shro wat (ground chickpeas) and spiced lentils over injera. Usually when Greg and I go here we split a vegetarian sampling so it was hard to pick just one dish. And then have to eat it all myself.

      This is Joe's dish - collards, miser alech, and lentils. Cyrus got lamb tibs!!! So no photo.

                             When we got there, it was empty but filled up as we were leaving.
We almost got coffee after the meal, but opted for more beer. We walked over to Coal Yard Bar in the East Village and got lit. Cheap dive bar with a yard. Cool place.
Here's Joe's fancy outfit. Right next to some city garbage. Peep those shoes.


Friday, September 5, 2014

Vegan MoFo 2014, Day 5: Folks as Friends

I hope this isn't a cop-out. I am not close enough with my parents to call them friends per se but, living about 20 minutes away from each other, we see each other on a somewhat regular basis. That said, I am very aware that my parents are wonderful and supportive and kind.
The last month has been really stressful and sad in some ways, but my folks and I got a bit closer through it. We talked and e-mailed back and forth but I recently had some time to visit, chat, (clean their house,) and eat a meal with them.
My parents are omnivores, and have spent a lot of time in France, so dairy, fish, or meat is often an element in their meals - even if only in small quantities. Since I've become vegan (about 7 years ago now) they've come around to enjoying the occasional meal without dairy or meat, and they certainly know how to enjoy their vegetables.

This is local corn (from a visit to a NJ farm) with onion, tomato, fresh basil from the garden, salt, and pepper over a bed of spinach. Fresh, seasonal, light, and delicious.

Dessert was juicy cantaloupe.
It's good to have reminders like this that while it's great that vegan food has come so far that we have almost any analogue we could ask for, there are few things nicer than real food with good people.