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Monday, February 20, 2017

Food & Art & Food again

Same breakfast all this week:

oats, chia seeds, dried cranberries, goji berries, pepitas, fresh blueberries, almond milk (actually the Almond Breeze almond/coconut blend - it's really good!)
Lunch all this week:

                 raw kale, baked tofu from aforementioned prep, roasted kabocha squash.

                                                          ~~Nutter Butter break~~

                                        currently reading. QUITE timely. Really mind blowing

                                  raw kale, tomatoes, roasted kabocha, avocado, chickpeas
It felt like a reaaalllly long week, and I am kinda busy this weekend so I took an extra day off and went to the Queens Museum on the second to last day to see the Mierle Laderman Ukeles exhibit. It also happened to be the first gorgeous and edging on warm day in quite some time.

The Unisphere, last featured in this post  from the summer. Notable but not quite noticeable is the ice cream truck in the distance! Like I said, it was *edging* on warm this day, haha!
Ukeles' main project is Maintenance Art - she followed around and worked with primarily sanitation workers over a course of years, but also cleaning people, janitors, etc. Her work is informed by the Wages For Housework movement of the 70s, if any of you are familiar with that, as well as having a kid and balancing a child with doing her art.

This piece is an arch created out of garbage and topped with protective gloves - from sanitation workers (sanmen, she calls them,) Con Ed workers, firefighters, etc.

There is also a room with a permanent display of where New York gets its water. The walls are newly decorated with posters from the No DAPL movement. Water is Life!
After this, mad with hunger, and kind of lost on where to go, I ended up at Liquiteria for a fast, nutrient-rich "mudslide" smoothie.

                                        and later at home... couple of dark chocolate bites.

Saturday, February 18, 2017


The snow makin me take a turn for the carb-ier & cozier

              Union Square Park - we got about 9 inches: the schools were shut down, but not work

                                                   carob-based "chunks of energy"

                                                                aka beans with spices

  Cheddar daiya grilled cheese with kale sauteed into ranchero beans, plus a side of avocado

                                                             snack for Big Kid like me

                       another day, another grilled cheese - with collards, tomato, and sriracha

                                          reading in bed. water not as cozy as tea, but it'll do

Left the house - actually biked to the gig - to see Judge at a metal bar. They brought it down!!

Two nights later I was back up in the neighborhood (Greenpoint) to see Haram, who I've actually written about before. I love these guys.

Walking back to the train, we passed Screamers vegan pizzeria - Jarrod got two artichoke with fennel sausage slices

I got an I don't even fuckin know slice. This had, like oregano on it or something. It was late, and it was slim pickins and I was not in the best mood so I ended up with an oregano slice of pizza. Haha, whatever.
That's all the catching up I had to do. Hopefully it won't be another 3 weeks before an update.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Nepalese, grocery treats, homemade

The flipside of generally eating frugally like I wrote last post is being less worried about an occasional treat. Plus I got some tax money back (!) so I took Jarrod out for dinner at a local Nepalese place:

                                                               papadum with chutney

                                                                  the other sauces

             aloo paneer - potato & spinach. Jarrod got channa masala chickpeas (like always)

                                          dishin out the rice, I preferred the naan (like always)
Other treats: an everything pumpernickel bagel with tofu cc for breakfast since I had an early morning doctor's appointment

                               this yogurt was on sale, but still a treat. And a really good flavor.
Back to homemade:
                              carrot, tofu, broccoli, spinach stirfry with sriracha + soy sauce

                                 avo toast with black salt, nooch, cayenne, and hemp seeds


baked tofu, which is the absolute most prep I'll put into anything. marinated in olive oil, Braggs, ghost pepper hot sauce, and a dash of liquid smoke - then baked. You'll see it in upcoming lunches.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Back to Basics

I've been making more of an effort to spend less money, hence more food at home and more basic stuff, which is generally what I enjoy anyway, so that's good. I've also just been all screwed up for the last month and a half, really frustrated and lost. made the mistake of going through old photos of all the elaborate, healthy meals I used to make. I don't really do long cooking projects anymore, which is only kind of a shame. I genuinely enjoy cooking but I've been busy with other projects instead, and living life in a world rather than browsing food blogs all day. So it's a trade-off. I try to get in one solid day of prep a week. It's not exciting but this is what I've got for you:

                       raw collards, tomatoes, avocado, tofu, roasted sweet  potato, hummus

                   onion, spinach, white beans, mushrooms sauteed with rosemary, olive oil + salt

                                                      with roasted fingerling potatoes

            miso soup with kale, seaweed, mushroom, tofu, and spices - topped with avocado

                 toasted mini WW bagels with avocado, black salt, and cayenne for breakfast

                                                            also mini: Justins PB cups

                                             coffee, mini bagels with peanut butter

                   tofu, carrot, broccoli, spinach stir fry with spicy Korean paste + soy sauce

                                     ~~reading break~~ I like how the book matched the cup

                           roasted potatoes, spinach, tomatoes, black bean sautee with garlic
I have a backload of pics so hopefully more updates soon. Keep on livin.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Bready, Cozy

These cinnamon raisin mini-bagels are making breakfast cute lately...

                                                         with Tofutti cream cheese

dear friend Greg Farrell wrote another book. This one lets your anxiety just go to town. I read it with some coffee the other morning. Underneath was reading material from another friend, a zine called Times New Roman (Sad Vacation.) I'm Worried That is sold on ama*on, TNR you'll have to ask a punk for.

             bought a pound of blackberries the other day, and have been enjoying them greatly.

                                   really nice za'atar pita from the local European goods market

   so I made a bread salad, haha. Spinach, tomatoes, tofu, mushroom, olives, pita, hummus.
                                                              beautiful sleepy fluffy

                                    beautiful foggy skyline. Greenpoint side looking into the city.

                                                 still with the lentil soup. pita for dipping.

                                and a treat from the Euro market as well. mmmmmmmmmmm